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Steam Punked
Salvaged from scraps and beaten to shape,
Injected with their rules and warped by their tests
Machines from birth powered by steam,
Upgrade now, software version three point 'O'
They love to stare at us lost down below,
Four simple steps for a life well done
Extra crispy, here's step one:
Childhood education to prevent reconsideration,
A cup of college, mix until confused,
A teaspoon of repetitive work will straighten your head,
Just marriage and then one day you'll die,
that's all life is just remember to bake on high
They want all machines wired to the system
They want all machines fueling their feudalism
We weren't born to be puppets or to put on a show
They wanted us all to be machines
Machines with hearts that won't let go
Color blind they only see black and white,
Mix a shade and you've just jumped the bridge,
you know they don't teach machines to swim?
And then you're just left to rust,
They're crushing us to dust,
crushing us beneath their power lust
They want all machines wire
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Heaving vomit and thrashing spasms in my chest,
the rhythm of dissonant mental wreckage rides my spine,
heaving, heaving, bursting out of sync with flesh
Gag on the vowels as consonants break against my teeth,
mangled lungs dripping fluid birthing hackles
the artificial malignant tear rips through bones and hair
The air it blurs and is held abeyant
and fires burn and blaze forever unspent
they roam with me by day and scream by night
why not rip my body apart upon first sight
its bloody shattering may release what's left of the
:iconphnks:phnks 0 0
I am the solitary flame
I am the light in the darkness
the spark of invention
I am the pyre of my enemies
the hearth of my friends
I am the candle of truth
the flare of the lost and hopeless
I am the wildfire that burns endlessly
the ember that summons the inferno
I am the coals of rebirth
the unstoppable sea of flames
I am Phnks Invictus
aut viam inveniam aut faciam
:iconphnks:phnks 1 0
The solitary sun is washed away,
A wet darkness cascades its paste,
Writhing spasms of aching limbs,
Sagging flesh turning pale; shrinking within,
A gasping hunger battles the black waves,
Softened screaming shredded to naught in an instant,
The wetness expands, coughing and choking,
The calmness expands, begging and broken,
Light disappears as it breaks over the wall,
Down to the abyss, suffocating all,
Heaving and shrieking and squeezing,
Burning and crushing and wheezing,
A calm in the eye of the storm,
A darkness replaced with nothing more
but the strange thing was they named him benevolent,
This man described... the drowning revenant
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Over, hidden in the mist
Lies, my beloved Lelianir,
Where, the memories did play
There, the tears did not always stay
Under, rains of a new day,
Through, rivers that never did stray,
Home, love did not ever end,
Shelter, dreams were more than pretend
My blade and shield in my soul,
My quiet embrace, forever keep me whole,
In my blood, I seek thee out,
My refuge from pain, the wall against doubt,
Lelianir, I weep at night for thee,
You seem to conspire to elude me,
Lost I am, a wanderer humbled,
I beg to be let free from the struggled,
I have you not, Lelianir,
I am trapped, it seems I’ll never belong here,
Yet other souls may travel beyond mortal frontier,
And sleep under the stars, in Lelianir,
My beloved Lelianir.
:iconphnks:phnks 0 0
Spindle Cells
I can't escape the tension,
Rationalizing and fumbling in comprehension,
Wrung out to dry and ironed to shape,
I cannot struggle and soon collapse into a sorry state,
Coursing like a drug summoning forth memories of pain,
The song climaxes as demons birth from my veins,
I wreath in thought spawned thoughtless branches,
If I could reverse time I would fix them all!
Or maybe I would burn their souls,
In a constant warp of tangles and choices,
I would never come back
back to the crawling drugs linked up to my spine
and quietly inserted into my virulent brain,
my heart won't know the difference,
nor ever uncover it's layers of shame
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